Already mature? USC Professor Running A Course On Google Glass for Journalism

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It’s the most mature wearable platform that’s out there, says USC journalism professor Robert Hernandez. And we need to be proactive and figure it out.

Gary Hayes‘s insight:

Quote "This fall, Hernandez will facilitate a class at USC’s Annenberg School For Communication & Journalism that will focus on developing Glass-centric software for journalists. It won’t be a traditional lecture, per se. Rather, the curriculum’s goal is to build a collaborative environment where developers, Glass Explorers, and journalists can attempt to answer questions, like: How will omniscient technology like Glass disrupt what we conventionally consider journalism? What will an article created on the floating monocle’s hardware look like? What are its limitations? And what kinds of unique narrative experiences can we create, truly? At the end of the course, if all goes as planned, those applications will be built and, ideally, used."

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